Unborn Babies

Life Begins at Conception

As Catholics, we know that human life begins at conception because at that point a new, distinct person begins to form. Because God has created each person in His image for eternal life, we treat each person with the utmost respect and dignity, in life and in death. In keeping with our faith, the Church strongly encourages a Catholic burial for all Catholics who pass, including unborn babies.

Reverence for the Unborn Deceased

Losing a child in pregnancy or at birth is an emotionally devastating loss. It’s a time when many grieving parents and loved ones will rely on their faith and the support of their Church. For this reason, Catholic Cemeteries and Funeral Homes provides a traditional burial for babies who die in pregnancy or at birth, and care and compassion for their parents. Unfortunately, many parishioners — even those who are active in the pro-life movement — are not aware of this service. Many mothers who have a miscarriage at home or at a secular hospital are never informed of this option for their child.

A Sacred Place for Mourning

At Catholic Cemeteries and Funeral Homes, we offer special burial areas for the unborn at two of our locations: Queen of Heaven Catholic Cemetery and Funeral Home in Mesa and Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery and Funeral Home in Avondale. These beautiful, consecrated grounds provide grieving parents and loved ones a peaceful place for mourning, prayer and solace. For spiritual support, we will contact your parish for a deacon or priest to be present at the committal, as well.

Special Care for the Very Young

For babies who pass before 20 weeks gestation without taking a breath of life, Catholic Cemeteries provides burial at no cost to the parents.

We are Here to Serve and Comfort You

If you or someone you know has lost an unborn child and would like to honor their life with a traditional burial service, please contact us at Queen of Heaven Catholic Cemetery and Funeral Home (480) 892-3729 or at Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery and Funeral Home (623) 936-1710 and let our compassionate staff help you begin your journey of healing.

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